The Website Utility

The Website Utility 3.3

The Website Utility generates a main HTML based report for a website
3.3 (See all)
Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

This useful utility crawls websites and finds errors, suggests improvements and builds extras such as website search facilities and Google™ SiteMaps.

Main Features :

1. Website error reporting
- Finds broken links.
- Finds links pointing to content that has moved to another location.
- Finds missing or duplicated page titles.
- Finds missing description and keywords meta tags.
- Finds underutilised FrameSets.

2. Search engine optimisation
- Shows pages with too little or too much content.
- Identifies pages with too much JavaScript.
- Search engine crawler emulation mode shows a search engine's web robot view of a website - useful for assessing if a website contains too little search engine-friendly content.
- Shows the numbers of internal hyperlinks to each page.

3. Search engine creation
- Creates standalone website search facilities for a website, without the need for 3rd party software or databases.

The Website Utility generates a main HTML based report for a website. It also generates an errors report and an issues report in RTF format, that can be viewed in word processors such as Microsoft Word.

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